Cultural Projects and Plastic Arts

Educational Purpose

At the end of this training, students will be able to create their own independent activity, company, etc. or hold positions of responsibility in public and private cultural and artistic structures: direction, management and development, artistic direction cultural services; organization of events, fairs, exhibitions, shows, promotional production services, art gallery management, private museums, artist management, etc.


The objective of the CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC PROJECTS programme is to train future managers who are versatile and capable of understanding the financial stakes, economic and strategic market of their own specialty to develop on the business level a scalable profitability on their behalf or that of their employer.


In addition to precise knowledge of companies (economic, legal, tax, and commercial), the manager of a luxury brand company must acquire real human and commercial qualities, strong customer relationship skills and strong analytical and synthesis skills. He must know how to communicate with the other departments of the company, be independant and have an excellent team spirit.


  • Collection manager
  • Quality and communication manager
  • Marketing director – cultural sector
  • Project manager – cultural sector
  • Artist manager
  • Expert consultant in the art and culture market
  • Strategy and development manager – cultural sector
  • Communication manager / media relations
  • Director of Marketing Studies – cultural sector

Practical modalities

Candidates for this program must be registered at ESLAP for a bachelor’s or master’s degree, have an artistic fibre and have a technical background. They will be able to demonstrate a very good adaptability in front of interlocutors of multiple sectors of activity with varying levels of culture of knowledge.

  • To integrate the specialty their file filed with the ESLAP will be selected according to their ambitions and personal work.
    •  A specialty diploma will complete the BACHELOR or MASTER’s degree awarded at the end of the course

    Application files are available here



Administrative contact
+33 (0)1 77 69 65 61