Our existing and potential partnerships

Opening up to the world

The Ecole Supérieure Libre d'Art de Paris collaborates with a network of 121 international institutions (universities and schools) present on all continents.


The Ecole Supérieure Libre d’Art de Paris with 121 academic partners (universities, schools) worldwide including:

  • 68 in Europe ;
  • 53 outside Europe of which :

5 partnerships in North America: New York, Parsons New York, Chicago, Canada, 18 in Asia, China (including Taiwan), Korea, India, Japan… 2 in Brazil and 5 in Argentina.

In addition to these partnerships, a dozen institutional partners (Agency, Associations, etc.).In addition, the École Supérieure Libre d’Art de Paris is pursuing the establishment of new emblematic partnerships that aim to offer students of the school a choice of projects that fit in with current societal issues:
– Introduction to the Erasmus programme between the Ecole Supérieure Libre d’Art de Paris (ESLAP) and the UFR Arts of the University of Aeronautics of Nanchang.

These perspectives are intended to enrich the quality of teaching and to broaden the opportunities for training, knowledge and cultures for ESLAP students.

Connecting the universesResolutely international

The specialty of this school is its strong and privileged link with China and South East Asia and more generally internationally. As a result, it has a program specialized in learning the French language and culture.

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