Master’s in business Manager

Specialization in Cultural and artistic projects, Fashion design, model making-Graphic design and Luxury management


This business manager program favors the practical and autonomous aspect of each discipline taught, in addition to the chosen specialty. The graduate can consider the launch, if necessary, of his company or integrate a high-level position within a company. The graduate will be able to:

  • Provide economic and technical monitoring of the environment of customers in their market ;
  • Build a commercial solution adapted to the customer’s needs ;
  • Negotiate a deal ;
  • Maintain and control the development of its client portfolio / network ;
  • Set up a recruitment and human resources management organization.


Planned over two years, it is based on 4 semesters of skills:

Semester 1: Analyze & detect dynamic markets
Semester 2: Implement the commercial strategy
Semester 3: Building & managing teams

Semester 4: Manage the activity of a profit center 

1st Year

-Advanced Marketing

-Company Diagnosis

-Management Theory

-Business Strategy

-Case Study

-Business Law

-Luxury Marketing


-Industrial Psychology

2nd Year

-Market Analysis

-Business Management

-Project Financing

-Business Plan

-Case Study


-Strategic Process Management

-Human Resource Management

-Business Management


  • Collection Director
  • Luxury marketing director
  • Art director
  • Director of cultural services
  • Brand manager
  • Artist manager
  • Producer designer
  • Company manager
  • Commercial director
  • Quality and communication manager
  • Operational marketing manager
  • Product manager
  • Event project manager
  • Expert consultant
  • Director of external relations