The center of gravity of the marketing function has shifted from the product to the customer; as a result, the fields of application of operational marketing are becoming more complex and multiplying in all sectors of activity, both nationally and internationally. Today, we talk about customer paths, consumer actors, etc. Sales and marketing skills are merging to develop multi-channel and reactivity to changing customer needs. These trends are reinforced by the emergence of digital strategies and the customer experience at the heart of the system.

In addition to the traditional tools of study and definition of the 4 Ps (product, price, place, promotion) or product mix, there are now tools for the conquest, processing, analysis and renewal of customer information. In the midst of a digital transformation, companies must recruit “digital talent” that goes beyond the strict marketing function.

The business model is hybrid between online purchasing and user experience sites. Companies, especially in the retail sector, need “coaches / salesmen / advisors / experimenters / psychologists of the need”, so they need to recruit people who, beyond the “hard skills”, have developed “soft skills” because the human element makes the difference in the relationship with the other. This degree prepares its students to face the challenges of such data.


Degree : Bachelor ; level 6 European ; Bac + 3 (France)

Campus : Paris

Language of Instruction : English & French (depending on the classes chosen)

Pre-requisite : Bac to bac+2 or Bac & 2 years of professional experience

Session start : October / February

Duration : 12 months to 36 months


Specialisations :

  • Cultural and artistic projects
  • Luxury Management
  • Fashion design


  • Organise an information gathering method to characterise its environment by analysing the market, the sector of activity, the constraints and the trends.
  • Qualify the actors to enhance the offer in relation to the demand by mobilising the stakeholders (direct and indirect partners, competitors, customers, distributors, etc.) with the market
  • Exploit customer data to characterise the consumer’s decision-making process by using data from the customer experience (internal: complaints, incidents, social network studies, website, opinions… / external: at the point of sale or through the web / passive, studies and panels.
  • Categorise customers to adapt the offer by modelling a specific customer journey.
  • Define new strategic business areas to position the offer/products according to the targeted customers.
  • Position the offer to optimize the triggering of the purchase process of the targets by putting forward differentiation strategies (experience of use, sharing, human and digital relationship)
  • Determine operational objectives to develop an action plan
  • Design an operational marketing plan to ensure the consistency of communication and commercial operations by developing online and offline actions.
  • Establish the scope of the actions to meet the commercial objectives.
  • Drawing up a provisional action budget to adapt operations to budgetary capacities.
  • Program marketing and sales actions to allocate resources according to the desired result.
  • Select indicators and dashboards to meet the requirements of the reporting system.
  • Determine the Return on Investment of the Marketing and Sales Action Plan to measure the variance between the forecast and the actual
  • Present the conclusions of the sales and marketing actions carried out to guide management decisions
  • Recommend corrective actions to optimize the results of sales and marketing operations.
  • To use planning tools in order to coordinate the activities of each team member, taking into account the profiles of the collaborators and measuring the operational workload plans
  • Participate in the integration of employees and ensure the implementation of training actions in order to guarantee operational efficiency by transmitting the business gestures and the fundamentals of the company
  • Define and adapt the managerial communication mode in order to encourage the commitment of employees and mobilise teams by activating the levers of motivation.
  • Lead a team by organising meetings, ensuring coordination points and managing interactions in order to optimize project management.
  • Develop reporting tools to measure and analyse individual and collective results and activate the right action levers.
  • Optimize the quality of internal relations in order to promote cohesion and team dynamics by expressing yourself professionally in the appropriate language.

BBA Marketing and Customer Experience

1st year

  • Languages LV2 (English / FLE)
  • Communication
  • Personal and professional project
  • Customer behavior and distribution
  • Labor law
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Digital tools
  • 2 months of internship: discovery of the company

2nd year

  • Languages LV2 (English / FLE)
  • Psychology
  • Sale and negotiation
  • Marketing studies
  • Operational Marketing
  • Microeconomics
  • strategic management
  • Project management
  • Ecommerce
  • HRM
  • 2 months of internship: discovery of the company

3rd year

  • Languages LV2 (English / FLE)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Business
  • Brand management
  • Management control
  • Advertising
  • Business Development
  • From 3-6 months of internship: discovery
    of the company


Optional: styling-fashion

Drawing technique
Creative Drawing
Color practice
The history of art
Fashion Styling

Optional: Luxury Management

Fashion Industry Strategic
Project to create a luxury product
Fashion brand management
Fashion and social networks

Optional: Designer

Graphic design
3D/3D computer graphics
Creative Drawing


  • Marketing project manager
  • Marketing research manager
  • Sales representative
  • Sales representative
  • Sales consultant
  • Sales manager
  • Department/universe manager
  • Market manager
  • Product manager
  • Brand manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Communication manager
  • Sector manager
  • Marketing and sales performance manager
  • Sales manager


1) Administrative Dossier

1. Letter of motivation (maximum two pages)

2. Copy of an Identity Document (national identity card or passport)

3. Copy of last diploma obtained

4. A stamped envelope (with the address of the student)

The candidate’s first and last names must be written legibly on the back of the check.

2) ESLAP Form

3) Artistic Dossier (optional)

Max 10 original personal works and reproductions. Sketchbooks and artistic publications, even if they include several projects and achievements, are counted as one element. All drawing, painting, photography and reproductions must fit in a file that will not exceed the A3 format (42 x 29.7cm). Videos must be playable in .mp4 format. All the works presented must be grouped together in a single file, easily playable. Videos and digital images may presented on a USB key or via Google Drive link.

Contact administratif

*Certification professionnelle de niveau 6(Eu) – Enregistrée au RNCP  par arrêté du 10 février 2021 sous l’autorité et délivrée par C3 INSTITUTE. Certification accessible via le dispositif VAE. »