The aim of the bachelor program is to train future versatile sales managers, capable of understanding the financial, economic, and strategic challenges of their market.

Responsible for the commercial development and marketing of a company and coordinates financial and logistical resources within the framework of optimum efficiency towards the customers. He is also in charge of optimizing internal resources. In the context of globalization, his role is central and varies according to the establishments and their capacity for intervention (importance of the international network, knowledge of marketing, competence in multicultural management).

For this he must:

  • Act effectively in commercial strategy (analyze customer needs and anticipate opportunities, negotiate contracts) ;
  • Manage daily (update priorities, dashboards) ;
  • Provide management tools tailored to a particular project ;
  • Drive team business results.


In addition to a specific knowledge of companies (economic, legal and tax), the Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience Manager of a company must have real human and commercial qualities, have a keen sense of negotiation and good prospecting skills, analysis, and synthesis. He must know how to communicate with the other departments of the company, be autonomous and have an excellent team spirit.


It is based on 6 semesters of skills spread over the three years of the course:

  • Development of a digital marketing action plan ;
  • Administrative, financial, and legal management of a commercial project ;
  • Commercial activity management ;
  • Management of a marketing action plan ;
  • Implementation of a communication action plan ;
  • Management of a commercial and marketing project.

The specialization: Three modules to choose from, fashion, luxury, design complete the main course. The course hours will be 400 hours over the entire course.


1st year

⚫ Languages LV2 (English / FLE)
⚫ Communication
⚫ Personal and professional project
⚫ Customer behavior and distribution
⚫ Labor law
⚫ Marketing Fundamentals
⚫ Digital tools
⚫ 2 months of internship: discovery of the company


2nd year

⚫ Languages LV2 (English / FLE)
⚫ Psychology
⚫ Sale and negotiation
⚫ Marketing studies
⚫ Operational Marketing
⚫ Microeconomics
⚫ strategic management
⚫ Project management
⚫ Ecommerce
⚫ 2 months of internship: discovery of the company


3rd year

⚫ Languages LV2 (English / FLE)
⚫ Entrepreneurship
⚫ Digital Business
⚫ Brand management
⚫ Management control
⚫ Advertising
⚫ Business Development
⚫ From 3-6 months of internship: discovery of the company



Optional: styling-fashion

Drawing techniques
Creative Drawing
Color practice
The history of art
Fashion Styling


Optional: Luxury Management

Fashion Industry Strategic Marketing
Project to create a luxury product
Fashion brand management
Fashion and social networks


Optional: Designer Graphic design

Graphic design
3D/3D computer graphics
Creative Drawing



  • Marketing project manager
  • Marketing research manager
  • Sales representative
  • Sales consultant
  • Sales manager
  • Department/universe manager
  • Market manager
  • Product manager
  • Brand manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Communication manager
  • Sector manager
  • Marketing and sales performance manager
  • Sales manager