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The Business Manager works in a consulting firm or service company. He detects business and designs solutions and strategic action scenarios contributing to the development of the company’s markets and their profitability for the client but also for his own firm. To support the implementation of the chosen solution, he/she manages “consulting engineers”.
The Business Manager is responsible for identifying and negotiating commercial contracts. To this end, he/she recruits and associates (or integrates) “consultants” to his/her firm in order to propose technical solutions that they will have to bring to the client in view of their skills in the industrial, commercial or financial fields in any sector of activity. Managing the development of complex projects, he leads and directs, from a functional point of view, the multidisciplinary team that accompanies the mission.
This business management program emphasizes the practical and autonomous aspect of each discipline taught, in addition to the chosen specialty. The graduate can eventually consider launching his or her own business or joining a high-level position within a company. The graduate will be able to :


Degree : Mastère ; level 7 European ; Bac + 5 (France)
Campus : Paris
Language of Instruction : English & French (depending on the classes chosen)
Pre-requisite : Bac + 4 (240 ECTS credits)
OR Bac + 3 (180 ECTS credits) & 3 years professional experience Session start : October / February
Duration : 18 months
Professional Experience : 6 month internship (mandatory)
Specialisations :
-Cultural and artistic projects
-Luxury Management
-Fashion design
-Model making Graphic Design



UE1 Soft skills
-Business English
-Negotiation, complex sale, business sale Communication, coach and training

UE2 Management of the Art Market
-Ancient art
-Contemporary art Representation of artists
-Management & Administration

UE3 Marketing & Communication
-Typologies and motivations of consumers Specificities of Communication in fashion, luxury, design, culture Specificities of Communication in the Art Market
-International trade, techniques and practices
-Law of literary and artistic property Contract law
-Distribution and logistics

UE4 Strategy

-Strategies in luxury and art Applied strategic and operational management
Case study
-Management and strategic control Geopolitics and strategies

UE5 General Culture
-Art history
-Fashion history
-Design history
-History of Luxury

UE6 Project
-Specialty project:
-fashion, design, art and luxury
-Personalised professional project Applied research thesis on a specialized theme



1) Administrative Dossier

1. Letter of motivation (maximum two pages)
2. Copy of an Identity Document (national identity card or passport)
3. Copy of last diploma obtained
4. A stamped envelope (with the address of the student)
The candidate’s first and last names must be written legibly on the back of the check.

2) ESLAP Form

Downloadable on the website

3) Artistic Dossier (optional)

Max 10 original personal works and reproductions. Sketchbooks and artistic publications, even if they include several projects and achievements, are counted as one element. All drawing, painting, photography and reproductions must fit in a file that will not exceed the A3 format (42 x 29.7cm). Videos must be playable in .mp4 format. All the works presented must be grouped together in a single file, easily playable. Videos and digital images may presented on a USB key or via Google Drive link.