Master’s in project Manager

Specialization in Art market events

The Business Manager works in a consulting firm or service company. He detects business and designs solutions and strategic action scenarios contributing to the development of the company’s markets and their profitability for the client but also for his own firm. To support the implementation of the chosen solution, he/she manages “consulting engineers”.
The Business Manager is responsible for identifying and negotiating commercial contracts. To this end, he/she recruits and associates (or integrates) “consultants” to his/her firm in order to propose technical solutions that they will have to bring to the client in view of their skills in the industrial, commercial or financial fields in any sector of activity. Managing the development of complex projects, he leads and directs, from a functional point of view, the multidisciplinary team that accompanies the mission.
This business management program emphasizes the practical and autonomous aspect of each discipline taught, in addition to the chosen specialty. The graduate can eventually consider launching his or her own business or joining a high-level position within a company. The graduate will be able to :


This project management program in the field of the event art market prioritizes the practical aspect of each discipline for the acquisition of real operational know-how that requires the plurality of tasks to be accomplished.

This skill can be integrated into an existing public or private company or organization. It can also be exercised autonomously and independently as an organizer and thus give rise to the creation of a specialized business.

The professional future of the art market in its event form embodies a dynamic of evolving creativity which must make the link between artistic expression and all its aspects of its marketing.


Planned over one or two years, after a confirmed level 6, it is based on the acquisition of the following skills:

Module 1

  • Diagnose a strategy
  • Organize a project and a team
  • Design a communication project
  • Design and create an artistic event project
  • Manage customer relationship
  • Defining a business strategy
  • Managing a project and a team
  • Manage marketing and communication actions
  • Manage an artistic event project
  • Write a business proposal

Module 2

  • History of art
  • Law applied to the art market
  • Economics of art and culture
  • Identification of works of art and catalog
  • The Art Market, price and cost estimate, value chain
  • Artistic patronage, partnerships, organization, negotiation
  • Auctions, organization, legislation
  • Staging of the work, the exhibition curator
  • Taxation of the Art Market
  • Event creativity and story boarding techniques
  • Design and scenography of an ephemeral gallery
  • Seminar “New trends in the art market” (street art, vintage, comics, etc.)
  • Conferences, meetings: Art market, Culture and Luxury
  • Event artistic project management
  • Organization of exhibitions, fairs and shows
  • Creation, design and communication of information documents and elements related to the promotional activity of an event
  • Management of event venues
  • The circulation of work of art
  • Supervision of transport and logistics activities related to the movement of works
  • Event safety, public safety, official authorizations, insurance
  • Press relations and e-press relations
  • How to organize relations with journalists, influencers, bloggers
  • Public speaking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digitization of artistic events
  • Concrete case studies entrusted by partner artistic and event structures
  • Management of a group project, real, in partnership with actors of the Event Art Market
  • Masterclass: exchanges with professionals in the field and sharing experiences of players in the art market
  • Cultural outings and partner events throughout the session
  • Courses taught by professionals working in the field of the Art Market and events


  • Festival Director
  • Director of art galleries
  • Manager of art fairs
  • Head of artistic transactions
  • Responsible for artistic and cultural events
  • Head of partnerships and sponsorship
  • Art-media manager
  • Head of artistic organization
  • Exhibition Manager
  • Event business manager
  • Organizer of exhibitions and fairs
  • Artistic event producer
  • Artistic communication manager
  • Artistic events manager
  • Artistic project manager
  • Event business manager
  • Event organization consultant