Educational Purpose

Train creative and responsive stylists


The goal of the Fashion Design program is to allow students to acquire a real know-how in the development of a personal collection and a professional portfolio. They will learn to master the process of this creative development, from the initial inspiration to the realization of a collection plan within a brand strategy.

  • Opening up to new horizons
  • Be creative, intuitive, innovative
  • Develop a personal way of thinking 
  • Acquire a solid “fashion culture”
  • Combining creation and industrial, economic and technological reality
  • Know the desktop publishing tool


The creation calls upon the creative dimension at the same time as it requires addressing the technical aspects. It is therefore necessary to acquire knowledge in various fields and to update it. Learn to communicate your ideas with precision, to develop projects that are the result of consistency in work: training in drawing, sensitivity to aesthetics, mastery of the relationship between shapes, materials and colors…

    Professional prospects

  • Fashion buyer 
  • Costume Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Model maker
  • Founder of a brand
  • Creative Director
  • Director of the collection 

How to access

Candidates forthis program must be enrolled in the ESLAP in bachelor or master. be really motivated by this sector of activity. They will be able to demonstrate a very good adaptability in front of interlocutors of multiple sectors of activity with varying levels od culture of knowledge.

  • To integrate the speciality. their application to ESLAP will Be selected according to their ambitions and their personal projects.
  • A specialty diploma will complete the BACHELOR or MASTER title awarded at the end of the program.
  • The application files are available here.



Contact administratif
+33 (0)1 77 69 65 61