Executive MBA


Self-taught entrepreneur, company director, entrepreneurs creating their own structure or taking over a business, business manager, branch manager or any manager in charge of the commercial development of their unit in France, Europe or abroad. internationally and in charge of a team of 2 to 500 people.

Any employee who aims or who already assumes responsibility for a profit center:

  • A role of business developer (Business Development) ;
  • The role of development tactician of the company, contributor to its strategy ;
  • A role of Recruitment of collaborators ;
  • The role of management and animation of collaborators. Some of these employees may themselves be in a managerial position.


  • The pace of this training is compatible with a professional activity. Everyone can devote the time they want to it each week, at their own pace.
  • The course, divided into four blocks of skills, takes place remotely by videos recorded and subtitled in the language of the country concerned.
  • The training takes place with a program illustrated with many examples in a very progressive way; each block of skills validated by a quiz gives access to the next block. The end of the course gives rise to the production and presentation of a professional dissertation validated by a jury.


  • Compared with benevolence to transmit the fundamentals through training through simulations could sum up our pedagogy.
  • Having fun is essential to success: The trainer makes everyone aware of their own potential and helps them discover their ability to exploit it.
  • Each participant progresses at their own pace.
  • Our speakers are high-level professionals, in activity or with several years of experience in
    general management, commercial, managerial and/or human resources functions.

The title can be obtained in its entirety or by capitalizing 4 blocks of skills:

Block 1: Analyze and detect dynamic markets.

Block 2: Implement the commercial strategy.

Block 3: Build and manage teams.

Block 4: Manage the activity of a profit center.

OPTION: In addition to the title of BUSINESS MANAGER, after obtaining it, independently of the RNCP 31915 title, an artistic specialty diploma issued by ESLAP validating artistic knowledge, can be obtained in the fields: Fashion, luxury, design, projects artistic and cultural. This face-to-face and remote teaching is provided under the exclusive authority of ESLAP.

Each block of skills can be validated independently of the others and results in the issuance of a certificate. The duration of validation of a skill block is 5 years.

The procedures for assessing professional skills are developed based on professional situations. They are based on the realization of cases that professionals may encounter in real situations in companies, such as:

Professional scenarios (case study, simulations, assessments).

Knowledge assessments (QUIZ).

The production of a thesis based on a project, or a professional achievement related to the teaching provided, is requested in the form of a document or by the dissemination of a video. The validation, organized by ESLAP, takes place remotely by a jury of professionals in post, all occupying general management positions.


This continuing education is intended only for managers, executives or employees who can provide proof of their professional status.

For students, this cycle exists, it takes place over a full year and corresponds to a fifth year of study (European level 7). (See MASTERS section)


Contact: contact@eslap.fr