Management of Art and Luxury

European MBA level 7, Bac + 5

MBA Management of Art and Luxury

Training in Paris

Cycle of 18 months

English only

October and February

Bac + 4 validated (240 ECTS credits), 5.5 IELTS on all tests

MBA level 7 European, Bac + 5

6 months of internship IN A COMPANY (convertible)


Luxury, fashion, design and all high-end creative brands, draw their inspiration from artists. Today practices have evolved, it is most of the time the emergence of collaborative work integrating artists into the entire realization of the products offered by the brands. The solicitation of these creators imply an availability of collaboration on their part much more important than in the past. This creates a new need for specialists in these areas with significant potential for talent and versatility.

This MBA combining both the acquisition of marketing and communication know-how international marketing, distribution, logistics law and also ancient history and contemporary art, allows students to acquire a real expertise.

100% of the courses are in English, taught by specialists in the field of art: creators, manager of fashion, design, luxury goods and cultural projects restorers of ancient objects, exhibition organizers and curators …

All our speakers are active in their specialties.

On the program: 5 months of lessons, then 3 or 6 months of internship in France or internationally. A unique course for the conduct and mastery of artistic projects and cultural in all specialties.

  • Organization and realization of market studies in the art and luxury concerned sectors.
  • Design and master a brand or product positioning to innovate, in partnership with creative artists.
  • Develop a cultural and commercial brand strategy, by mastering the tools operational marketing and appropriate communication.
  • Recognize, in order to optimize it’s distribution, any object of art, design or a luxury product
  • Master the world of digital distribution concerning the market and its fluctuation in value of art objects, luxury products by integrating evolutionary techniques and its digital practices constantly modifying consumer behavior.
  • Recruit, organize, manage a team of effective collaborators in the design and realization of cultural and artistic events.
  • Know the European and International regulations in the artistic fields and cultural to master the legal and financial aspects.


UE1 Soft skills
  • Business English
  • Negotiation, complex sale, business sale
  • Communication, coach and training
UE2 Management of the Art Market
  • Ancient art
  • Contemporary art
  • Representation of artists
  • E-commerce
  • Management & Gestion
UE3 Marketing & Communication
  • Typologies and motivations of consumers
  • Specificities of Communication in fashion, luxury, design, culture
  • Specificities of Communication in the Art Market
  • International trade, techniques and practices
  • Law of literary and artistic property
  • Contract law
  • Distribution and logistics
UE4 Strategy
  • The different types of strategies in the luxury and art industry
  • Applied strategic and operational management
  • Real case study
  • Management and strategic control
  • Geopolitics and strategies
UE5 General Culture
  • Art history
  • Fashion history
  • Design history
  • History of Luxury
UE6 Project
  • Specialty project: fashion, design, art and luxury
  • Personalized professional project
  • Applied research thesis on a specialized theme


  • Bac + 4 level diploma or equivalent
  • English: level B2, IELTS 5.5 minimum and equivalent
1 – File Study

Forward personal application file.

Composition of the application file:

  • CV and cover letter
  • Proof of identity
  • Copy of diplomas and schools reports
  • English certificate (B2, CECRL or IELTS 5.5 minimum)
  • Professional recommendation letter

From this 1st step, the candidate will be declared eligible or ineligible.

2- The interview with the admission jury

Composed of professors, lecturer specializing in the professional fields taught and the school director, the school examines the student’s file collegially and summons him to the grand oral. Interviews can be done in person or remotely by videoconference.

Profession corresponding to the course

  • Cultural marketing manager
  • Business developer in art
  • Expert in works of art, Art advisor
  • Event communication manager
  • Artist agent
  • Collection manager
  • Marketing director
  • Commercial director
  • Sales director
  • Gallery or exhibition manager
  • Brand manager
  • Network, license, franchise manager
  • Marketing Director, Global Account Manager
  • Fashion consultant
  • Fashion entrepreneur
  • Event organizer
  • Acquisition of an artistic business
  • Startuppeur, Intrapreneur

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